Get ready to BRING IT! AGAIN!!!

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Get ready to BRING IT AGAIN!! From Sept. 1st to the 5th, days before it’s available from Beachbody you can pre-order P90X2 from me. By pre-ordering from me, you’ll get free shipping & handling, plus 2 bonus workouts only available by ordering through coaches, best of all guaranteed delivery by Christmas!!! If you’re planning on pre-ordering, get your free account and you’ll have me as your Coach Sign up at:


Love is the end to all suffering

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My Friend Carolin Hauser (Humanistic Psychotherapist, German trained Naturopathic Doctor and Family Constellation Facilitator).

Asked me to share this with you:

In the last 3 years, Carolin went from thinking that her husband was the cause of all her anger and pain (during which time she left him), to realizing that her early sexual trauma was really at the root of all her relationship problems. Today she is back together with him, having the deeply connected and intimate relationship she so was longing for!

Here are some sad statistics: One in three women have experienced early sexual trauma. Knowing that the numbers are this high Carolin thought that you, yourself might be one of them or you might know a woman with this history.

Carolin has helped many women to feel safe again, so they now are free to live and express ALL aspects of who they truly are: wild, gentle, passionate, powerful, vulnerable and loving.

Carolin is offering a Free Tele-class: “Healing Sexual Trauma: 3 Simple Secrets to Shame-Free and Open-Hearted Loving” on Thursday, September 1st, at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT.

If you need this information, or if you know other women who can benefit from it,
please register at

Carolin sends her love to you.

PS: This work is so important. It doesn’t just heal our own hearts, but the feminine and the masculine heart as a whole.

Love is the end to all suffering.

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The Tipping Point

In every endeavor you reach a point where you are closer to success than when you began. I know it sounds self explanatory however it is a concept worth revisiting.

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Be the change…

I was seeking Transformation…

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Bravery in action…

I once heard that being courageous is not the absence of fear, rather it’s moving forward in the face of your fears.

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Reading is fundamental…

Leaders are readers!

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Just one thing…

I’m on a roll with the questions

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